This Scot of Mine

By Sophie Jordan

In This Scot of Mine, Sophie Jordan’s 4th in her Rogues Files series, the writing is great and the characters are likable and have a very sweet attraction. However, there were some parts of this book I could not get past. Like how superstitious Hunt was and how easily Clara started to believe in the curse on his family. I was interested in Clara’s back story but it seemed that the past really was the past and there wasn’t much further to go into there. And finally, there was a set up for a big rivalry between clans but it fizzled out in a simple way.

In an effort to avoid marriage with a terrible fiancé, Lady Clara came up with a lie that she was pregnant with another man’s baby. With that lie, she travels to her brother’s home in Scotland to settle in to a life free from the expectations of London society.

On her way to her brother’s home, she encounters a brawl fight with a group of Scottish men. At dinner at her brother’s house, she encounters one of those men and he has a gaze only for her. Their instant chemistry is delicious and there is a rescue scene that left me breathless.

While I found this book enjoyable to read and I liked the characters, I felt the first part of this book was exciting and the second part felt rushed and not completely satisfying.


Review by Michele W.

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