By Glennon Doyle

I laugh because I was originally drawn to this book because of the cover. It was so beautiful and intriguing, and to declare “Untamed” in bold all capital letters and underlined for emphasis – what is this book? And then friends started recommending it to me and I knew I had to give it a chance.

I am glad that I didn’t really know about Glennon Doyle before picking this book up. In this book, I learned so much about her life journey and the very public way her life was upended.

The back story of her life leading up to this memoir/spiritual guide is that Glennon battled with drug and alcohol abuse as well as a severe eating disorder for most of her young adult life. When she got pregnant, she got clean and reestablished her life as a good Christian wife. She wrote a memoir, Love Warrior, outlining this journey and was featured with Oprah.

But then her life started changing – her husband admitted to a lot of infidelity and she met soccer star Abby Wamach and discovered a love she had never known. Untamed talks about breaking down the barriers in her life to reach true happiness and contentment.

Reading this was like taking a big gulp of fresh air. Glennon Doyle opens up about so many important things in her life – from the heartbreak of telling her children her marriage is over, her grandmother dying, to the absolute love she feels for her wife. I swooned reading about the day the two met. I cried lots of tears reading this book – both happy and sad.

Overall it was great to read about new ways to look at life, my family and the world around me. While I do not agree with everything she says, there is lots I can take away from this.

I am thankful for this book.


Review by Michele W.

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