Vow of Silence

By Melynda Price

Vow of Silence was described to me as “like the movie from the 80’s, Witness but with sex”. And since I also hadn’t read a book about Amish or a murder mystery in a while, this one had me quite intrigued.

Joe left his Amish community after a heart break left him feeling like he didn’t belong. His new and old lives collide when his job as a detective brings him to investigate a murder that hits very close to his former home. I enjoyed the twists of the murder investigation that helped keep the pace of this book. 

Hannah is weary but happy to have Joe, or Josiah as she knew him, back in her life. But things have changed and she isn’t the woman he left behind. I liked how her son, Eli, was an integral part of their story. While Joe works through the investigation, he has to confront his past and protect his present and future.

“’She’s pretty, but she’s not my type.” “Hmm…” Hannah took a sip of tea before continuing. “And what type is that?” “I think you know.” His heated gaze settled on her across the table. “Or would you like me to get you a mirror?’”

The love between Hannah and Josiah was undeniable and passionate. I liked reading about these characters evolving and challenging their beliefs. The murder mystery was compelling and kept a tight string through the narrative of this book. 

“She was awash in sensation, a need she didn’t understand burning inside her. It made her bold and maybe a little reckless, because all she wanted was to be closer to him, to touch him…”

And while I haven’t read an Amish love story in many years, I see the parallels between this and the historical romances I love so much, where women have to challenge their roles in a society that has certain expectations of their sexuality and relationships.


Review by Michele W.

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