Waiting for Tom Hanks

By Kerry Winfrey

Annie Cassidy is obsessed with rom-com’s. And not just in an ironic way, or a guilty pleasure way. She is so obsessed that she models her entire life after 90’s romantic comedies. She is an aspiring screenplay writer who gets the chance to work on a real movie set when a rom-com is filmed in her hometown.

We meet adorable lead actor Drew Danforth. Drew is super likable and handsome and snarky. For some reason Annie likes to pick fights with him but he enjoys giving it back to her so the banter is cute. It takes way too long for Annie to realize the banter is flirting and not sh*t talking.

When she finally sees that the spark between her and Drew is a flame to kindle, it is almost too late. She spends so much time comparing a real amazing human to a fictional decent character, and it is hard to understand her choices sometimes. When she makes a serious screw up, I honestly don’t forgive Annie for the rest of the book, even though Drew might.

I liked the writing and I was as enthralled in the side characters as Annie was – she is writing a screenplay about her friend Chloe and her boss Nick, who are both super intriguing and have a great rapport. I guess you can say I am Waiting For Chloe’s Book.


Review by Michele W.

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