While The Duke Was Sleeping

By Sophie Jordan

In this enchanting book, the first in Sophie Jordan’s Rogue Files series, Poppy Fairchurch is a young woman who works at a flower shop. She took care of her sick father until his death and she takes care of her beautiful fifteen year old sister. While she has a lot of responsibilities and lives a modest life, she has a big heart and eyes for a seemingly unattainable man – the Duke of Attenbury.

The Duke frequents the flower shop where Poppy works and Poppy becomes infatuated with him. One day, Poppy saves the Duke’s life as he is about to be hit by a carriage. While the Duke ends up in a coma, a misunderstanding leads his family to think that she is his fiancee. She is welcome with open arms, but the Duke’s sexy Scottish half-brother, Struan Mackenzie, has his suspicions about her.

This book had just the right amount of tension – will the Duke wake up and reveal it all? When will Poppy’s lies come to life? But it was also funny and emotional. Poppy seemed flawed to me at first – who would tell such a bold lie? But I saw her as who she was – strong and big hearted, with a soaring love for those she places close to her.

Struan is so sexy. He is described as having golden hair but I definitely get a dark and menacing vibe from him. He lived a tough life of poverty after his father, the former Duke, did not claim him or his Scottish servant mother. How he emerged from life on the streets to a successful business man was admirable. The care and concern he showed for Poppy was evident. His sarcasm and taunting and teasing were irresistible and I loved his dominating personality.

There was nothing I disliked about this wonderful book. The side characters were all fascinating and brought so much life to the book. As Poppy was happy to be adopted into a family, as was the reader. Again, Sophie Jordan does not dissapoint.


Review by Michele W.

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