Worth Any Price

By Lisa Kleypas

Another wonderful book by Lisa Kleypas, this one is the final in her Bow Street Runners series. The book that preceded this, Lady Sophia’s Lover, was among the first romance novels I read and is still one of my all time favorites. Worth Any Price had high highs and deep lows, some intense sex scenes and scenes of such despair and turmoil.

Both protagonists are trying to escape a past they are not ready to confront. Charlotte (Lottie) is hiding as a Lady’s companion to escape the clutches of a controlling and malicious benefactor. Nick is working as a hired detective to try to track down Lottie. His job normally brings him in the face of much danger. 

“She turned, and Nick saw the flash of her dark eyes just as she lost her balance. Seizing her before she could fall, Nick hauled her against his chest, his forearm locked securely just beneath her breasts. The simple action of pulling her body against his was strangely satisfying, like a puzzle piece snapping neatly into place. She gave a low cry, automatically clutching at his arm.”

They are surprised to find that although they both may be pretending to be someone they are not, with each other’s help they can confront their past.

As always, Lisa Kleypas is amazing in her prose. Beautifully written, she helps the reader escape to another world she has created. A world in which characters experience things like chocolate, and warm indoor showers for the first time. The awe and beauty captured in such simple but meaningful moments is what makes her books such delights to read. 

“After the events of this afternoon, he suddenly seemed vulnerable to her. She was beginning to see the ways in which  he needed her. Needs that went beyond sexual desire. And the challenge of taming him, matching his powerful will with her own, was too tempting to resist.”

This book was very intense; I listened to the audiobook over the course of several weeks, only returning to it when I was emotionally prepared to escape into this world. 

These characters were not perfect, they had lived lives where they needed to be resourceful and tough to survive. But the beauty in their love was so touching and true.

“‘I never wanted to live so much as I did right then, hanging on to that rotting timber’, Nick said, ’I couldn’t bare the thought of never seeing you again. All I want is time with you. To spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t care about anything else.’”


Review by Michele W.