Would I Lie to the Duke

By Eva Leigh

The second book in The Union of the Rakes series by Eva Leigh was just as enjoyable as the first, with a similar hidden identity plot and well-paced writing. Would I Lie to the Duke is about Jess McGale, who has experienced tremendous loss and is in desperate need of funding for her family’s soap business.

In order to gain acceptance by the likes of the Duke and his wealthy associates, Jess pretends to be a widowed Lady with exceptional interest in business. The Duke, Noel, is charmed by her intelligence and intrigued by her dominance.

I really liked the writing and was very invested in Jess creating stability and a future for herself and her siblings. It did give me pause that she kept lying to the Duke, but given her circumstances I did understand her. I really liked Noel, who respected and protected Jess at all costs.

I am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.


Review by Michele W.

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