Wrapped Up in You

By Talia Hibbert

Wrapped Up in You by Talia Hibbert

Our December book club pick for Between These Sheets book club was the holiday novella Wrapped Up in You by Talia Hibbert. For a short and festive book, it packed a lot of emotional depth and back story.

Will Reid comes back to his hometown in England, taking a holiday from his career as an actor in California to spend the holidays with the Farrell family. Will decides that this is the Christmas that he is going to make his feelings clear to Abbie Farrell. Abbie and Will have some unfinished business, but Will is the model of consent and allowing Abbie to come to decisions on her own.

Abbie is two years off of a divorce following a painful marriage to an abusive man. It has taken her some time to adjust to the freedom of being alone.

“I’m not trying to casually date you. I’m trying to seriously date you.”

Abbie has always loved the friendship she has had with Will and has come to realize that her feelings for him are even deeper. But shame and insecurity hold her back from sharing her true feelings with him. For his part, Will is a patient and understanding gentleman.

“All of that stuff mattered because it was immediate and familiar and it would stop her getting wrapped up in her own head and examining the way shed almost dissolved act the thought of intimacy at least seven times today.”

Abbie’s twin brother Jason provided an interesting dynamic and emotional connection for both Will and Abbie. I am fascinated by twin relationships and appreciated Jase’s insights and quips.

Abbie and Will were able to spark a new love together because of a combination of his patience and love for her; the encouragement of her family; their shared history and their willingness to create something completely new from this foundation.


Review by Michele W.

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